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Web Counter

With our service you place a small image on your web-site and we'll register information such as when, from where and by using what your visitors have visited your site. (Click HERE for a demo report)

CQ Counter statistics reports can enable you to identify areas for web site improvement that can directly impact the performance of your site(s) and increase competitive advantage.
Get Your Free Web Counter!

Would you like to know?
    - Which sites or search engines send to your site more visitors?
    - How often are your pages reloaded?
    - How many hits have your sites every hour, day, week, month, and year?
    - What operating system and web browsers do your visitors use?
    - Which IP address your web page visitors come from?

CQ Counter will help you find answers to those important questions!

Why CQ Counter?
    - You do not install anything on your server.
    - You can access your real-time reports from any Internet browser.
    - Easy to read statistics charts.
    - We will not display any ads on your website.

Get Your Free Hit Counter Now! It's simple, powerful and easy to install!

CQ Counter Basic Edition Plus
CQ Counter Basic Edition Plus!

The Basic Edition Plus offers all feature of the Free CQ Counter plus password protected statistics reports and no banner ads in reports for $49.95 per year.
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